In the family since new. This vehicle was referred to us by a colleague who is carrying out the mechanical overhaul on this early Falcon. These old girls were the first Falcons in Australia. Being assembled as CKD kits direct out of the US, these were so American that our number plates were too large for the openings in the bumpers. A bigger problem was that the front ends were not designed or built to take the punishment that roads down under dish out. A redesign of the suspension strength several months into production remedied the fault and the rest as they say is history.

Our task was to restore the bodywork, interior and final reassembly.

Upon disassembly the usual rust, dents and smash damage was discovered. A body seal kit was sourced out of the US. All the panels on the car were found to be quite stable. Hence we were able to recycle all of the body panels repairing and realigning as required. Check out the photos.......

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