Big rear shackles, cracked bodyfiller and flat black paint are bad enough, let alone a 2.5 tonne jalopy that doesnt work. This car presented pretty poorly. Joe , the owner like everyone had a budget to work to. But there was so much to do to get this old horse back.

We decided to first get the car rolling and running under its own power. A compression test told us that the engine was in good order. We chased a few electrical problems and after servicing and tuning the power train, the trusty old 383 burst into life. A quick sort out of the brakes and brake cables, then it was time to attack the body.

After some discussions with the client we decided to remove all the flat black. We repaired only what was necessary to stabilise the bodywork, then applied the 40% gloss acrylic Hemi orange. We decided to redo the hood in satin black.

The only real repairs were some floor pans which we did prior to the outside of the car.

Hardly the same car it was when it came in, Joe will tackle the suspension overhaul and other minor stuff himself. We'll see it back for a transmission overhaul and sign off for rego in early 2012